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Check out the Madame Crufeli Channel on YouTube for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Oracle Card Readings. Personalized readings are available for $25. Once payment is received you will receive your reading via email within 3-4 business days.


Cheryl "Madame Crufeli" Honchen was first introduced to the art of "hooping" in May of 2010, mesmerized by the flow of the artists, she decided then and there to begin her own hoop journey. Within one month she was making her own hula hoops for herself and others and practicing her craft every chance she had.

In May of 2011 she began holding weekly hoop jams at a local park and began spreading the hoop love to the community by providing hula hooping lessons. It was at one of these meetups where she met a gifted soul that taught her how to read oracle cards.  She began to share her card readings thru her Madame Crufeli Youtube channel.

Soon after she began hooping she combined forces with the amazing and talented Dani Davison and co-founded the performance artist troupe The Eclectic Circus at which time Cheryl adopted the performance name "Twinfinity".

She has performed at numerous venues and events including The Mauch Chunk Opera House, Jim Thorpe, PA, Coca Cola Park, Allentown, PA in front of an audience of over 5000 people, The Sands Casino and Entertainment Center, Bethlehem, PA, numerous music and flow art festivals, and charity events (full CV/resume available).

Cheryl made the transition from “Twinfinity” to “Madame Crufeli” in September of 2017 when her longtime dream of adapting her book Crufeli Gypsy Freak Show into an interactive stage show became a reality. Not only did she write the show, but she also directed and performed as the character of Madame Crufeli, the mystical fortune teller that dazzled the audience with levitating lights.

Madame Crufeli offers party and event entertainment and specializes in twin hooping. In addition to "twinning" she has expanded her skills to include balloon animals, poi spinning, levitation wand, silk fans, fire dancing, light dancing with her Hyperion Hula Hoops with mind-blowing graphics, and on top of all that she also entertains with oracle/tarot card readings.

Madame Crufeli is the manager and one of the multi-talented performers in the Crufeli Circus, a performance troupe with decades of combined performance experience. They pride themselves on their ability to aspire and encourage others to embrace their own creativity

"Hooping" has ignited her creative soul and has brought her endless joy which she now shares with others as she helps them along their own hoop journey. She has several years of teaching experience including teaching hula hooping classes at gyms and health clubs, teaching specialized workshops at flow art festivals and conventions, and providing lessons at numerous public and charity events. Thru experience she is able to teach anyone big, or small, young, or old how to hula hoop and is always looking for new venues to teach and spread the hoop love.

Madame Crufeli is a versatile performer and can adapt her services to fit any event. Interested in having her entertain at your event? Contact her TODAY!